The Musicians

From the beginning the idea was to find the right people to develop an ensemble able to be comfortable in any genre of music.Pictured above, from L to R Alamiro Arias on guitar and effects, Claudio Momberg on keyboards and effects, and Ricardo Riadi on keyboards and effects. Alamiro is the singer and guitarist on the pop-rock band Signuz, and has always been interested in film music and sonic experimentation. Claudio has been a member of several prog rock outfits, and currently working on Seti, along with well known british prog musicians. Ricardo is a synthesizer collector and a great admirer of the works of Vangelis and Jean-Muchel Jarre, and he participates in the electronic music group Scope.

The Music

The first album is called "Elemental" and it was released in 2013 by Mylodon Records

Elemental Preview

This is a ten-minute preview of all tracks from the Elemental album. Produced by Claudio Momberg at Tauridstudios, Chile. All pieces composed by Alamiro Arias, Claudio Momberg and Ricardo Riadi

1. Top (13:11)
2. Up (11:34)
3. Charm (7:05)
4. Strange (9:05)
5. Down (6:39)
6. Bottom (13:55)

Live at House Rock

This is live recording of a concert that took place in early 2014, the opening piece, composed instantly.